laxative abuse

Laxative Abuse: Here are some things that helped me get over my unhealthy laxative obsession, which you can do, too

Do you have a doctor you trust and are comfortable talking to about this? I want you to know that you are not alone with this, and doctors have heard about this issue before and know what to do.

Well, of course there are always some ‘black sheep’ out there, but the majority of Doctors are good and know how to help people with eating disorders and related issues.

If you are not sure about which doctor to go to, you can always call an eating disorder organization, support group, nutritionist, or therapist in your area and ask for advice and referrals.

– Ask for help: Please don’t be afraid or embarrassed. I urge you to seek professional help.

– Drink enough water: Please make sure you drink enough water. It is recommended to have around eight to ten glasses of water a day. Coffee and pop do not count!

– Increase your fiber intake: Please make sure you have enough fiber in your diet. Eat foods that promote bowel movement, such as whole grain bread and cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables. Make sure you eat the skin, too, since that is usually very high in fiber.

– Have something hot to drink in the morning: A hot beverage in the morning, like tea or hot water with lemon juice, can help get things moving.

– Have breakfast: It really is the most important meal of the day.

– Eat regularly: Try to eat in some kind of regular pattern and don’t skip meals.

– Do some light exercise in the morning or during the day: Take a walk, or do some exercises to help get things going.

– Keep a journal: Write down how and what you are feeling and how your body and mind is doing. Also, keep track of the frequency of your bowel movements.

The most difficult part for me…

I had to make a decision- Am I ready to recover? Will I do whatever it takes to get healthy? As long as my answer was not “100% YES”, I knew for myself I would not beat my laxative abuse.

As long as I kept doing what I was going- binging on large amounts of food on an almost daily basis with days of starvation and over exercising sessions in between- I knew I was not going to overcome my obsession with laxatives. I knew for myself that I was not able to get rid of that one behavior without stopping the other ones as well.

During my recovery, I started using less and less laxatives. I was not able to get off them from one day to the other. Instead, I just always took less than I did before- this way, I also gave my body time to change. It was a painfully slow process but it eventually worked and today I am not using them anymore.

What has really helped me beat this abuse: I had to stop binging and fasting. I had to learn to eat a couple of times a day and normal portion sizes. Also, I went to see a nutritionist who helped me come up with a meal plan for me which has helped me a tremendous amount.

If you are using laxatives on a regular basis, I urge you to seek help and stop this behavior. It is hard work and it will take time, but it is possible.

Please take good care of yourself.

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