How Drugs Affect The Body

According to the latest survey in the United States alone, at least 67% of the people that are aged about 12 or older has consumed alcohol, and at least 6.4% of those people have been categorized as alcoholics. In another survey, it has been found out that at least 10% of the people above the age of 12 have reported the use of illegal drugs at least once in their lifetime. An alarming statistic which mentions that at least 27 million drug users are active in the United States has led to people understanding how bad the situation actually is.

Though there are short as well as long-term effects of drug use on the body, the nature as well as the quantity of effect on the body will also vary from one person to the other. Clearly, there are many people that seem to be suffering from abusing drugs as well as alcohol on a daily basis. The exact symptoms can be found out upon closer examination of the patient. Some of the short term side effects can be pretty easy to diagnose, but there are also some other life-threatening situations that would be the result of rampant drug use.

Short-term effects of using drugs

If there is an active role of drugs in your bloodstream, then the short-term effects generally include an alteration of perception in thinking. Drugs have been noted to increase the energy level of a person, or the perceptions as well as the mood of the person involved. The drugs can also reduce any inhibition as well as provide wonderful decision making solutions that would otherwise become pretty complicated in a normal state. It could also lead to a host of other health related problems.

That would be a lot of trouble concentrating on a certain task, issues in terms of coordination as well as slurred speech and impairment in taking the correct decision that would also be considered as effects of drugs on your body.

Long-term effects of using drugs

If the drug use/substance abuse has been going on for a pretty long time, it could result in disastrous physical as well as mental consequences. As soon as the body starts adapting and developing tolerance to the drug, there would be a requirement for an increase in the amount of the drug so as to experience the same kind of high. Little by little, the physical dependence of the drug upon the body keeps on increasing, and it can lead to terrible withdrawal symptoms as well as unpleasant thoughts that could end up having rampant negative consequences on the body.

The probable long-term effects of using drugs almost always include some sort of cancer, liver cirrhosis, irregular heartbeat, elevated as well is decreased blood pressure and a tendency for suicide. In case the drugs are due to medicinal substance abuse, then depression as well as seizures will also be found upon the person after there is a tendency to kick off the drug habit.

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