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Developing A Calm Response Behavior: Avoid Stress With Practiced Techniques

Outside influences and circumstances often invade peace, disrupt life, and wreck havoc with emotions. When a person or opportunity doesn’t meet expectations it can cause a person to feel upset, disappointed, or depressed. No one can control the world, but each person can control responses to situations and people to maintain an inner calm. According to the American Institute for Stress, the term stress defies definition because it is highly subjective.And thus, what helps a person remain calm and unstressed varies with individuals. The key is to find what works personally. Try the following methods.

Recognize Reactions

Know what triggers anxiety, fear, anger, or other negative emotions. At the end of the day, evaluate responses to identify any time distress feelings escalated. Consider what would help counter those feelings.


Spend twenty minutes daily thinking about current situations and possible reactions. This practice helps a person move from self-pity and emotional responses to seeking solutions and taking positive action. Write down problems, reactions, and possible solutions to develop the ability to step back and analyze difficulties. Becoming more realistic about expectations helps avoid feeling disappointed. Examine expectations and lower or change unrealistic ones.

Build in time cushions

Allow time between activities to use a relaxation technique or sit quietly for a few moments. This builds a lifestyle of tapping into calming responses. Pausing from busyness and rushing helps the body recover from daily stress.

Practice voice control

Keeping a calm tone will keep interactions from escalating and actually clam other people. Taking a slow breath before speaking will naturally help calm a person’s voice. Practice good posture, and open muscles. Unclenched teeth, open palms, and dangling arms relax the body and help keep a person loosen up.

Learn Relaxation Techniques that Work

Different methods work better for individuals, depending on the person’s temperament. Make a list of the most beneficial relaxation methods and engage in those activities.

A few slow, deep breaths help most people because it lowers the heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle tension. To get the most out of each breath, inhale long enough to reach the abdomen and exhale through the mouth.

Understand whether talking to people or getting alone to think and analyze problems works better. Identify what triggers laughter and peace of mind. Try various ideas and choose the methods that improve inner calmness.


Try these techniques to find out what works:

  • Count slowly to interrupt thinking of problems.
  • To refocus, close eyes and visualize a peaceful scene.
  • Keep soothing images around, including wallet photos. Look at those images
  • Laugh. It stimulates the immune system and sends more oxygen into the body
  • Shake shoulders and arms to loosen tight muscles.
  • Squeeze a ball a few dozen times, as making a fist (tensing muscle) and relaxing causes progressive muscular relaxation.
  • Talk to a friend, to bounce emotions off a good listener. It’s good therapy.
  • Exercise because it releases endorphins that trigger happy feelings.
  • Change scenery with a walk. Time alone allows a person to think and reflect.
  • Drink lots of water to cleanses the body of toxins.
  • Get enough rest/sleep as sleep allows the brain to integrate experience.
  • Meditate on scriptures or other inspirational thoughts to dwell on positive ideas.
  • Each morning express thanks for at least three things. It develops an attitude of gratitude and helps a person focus outward.
  • Keep and add to a list of calming techniques that work. Engage in those activities when stressed out.
  • Make a nightly habit of forgiving anyone who triggered problems or negative emotions. This brings peace.
  • Pray.
  • Try various hobbies.

Through incorporating some of these principles in life people remain calmer and keep others calmer too.

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